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Aug 8, 2012

Cars of the 90s

There is going to be debate as to which are the best cars of the 90s?
I am not going to answer the question in the post as this will always be a matter of opinion based on tastes in cars whether it be Japanese cars, German and other European cars or American cars.

The topic of best 90s cars is also debatable according to vehicle types if you are thinking about Supercars, Sports Cars, Coupes, Saloon cars or SUVs. Another factor in forming an opinion on the best cars of the 90s depends on where you live in the world as there will always be people who will have a bias to which cars they will buy if the cars are of their own nationality, this makes me think of the poorly made British cars of the 70s that people in the UK bought because they were homemade – LOL!

I for one am not going to write about what I think were the best cars of the 90s but what I will do is write about any car that was around in the 90s as it comes to mind, if I feel like writing about it then I will regardless if it was a great car or a monstrosity and/or a complete lemon.

Thinking about cars of the ‘90s it casts my mind back to 1997 when I first acquired a PC a Pentium 1 166 MMX(lol!) and wanted a game or two to play on it. In the latter part of ’97 I came across a cool game which I had to have which was Need For Speed 2 Special Edition by Electronic Arts. This game was awesome I can never forget the Christmas of ’97 between terms of my first year at University no coursework to do but only one assignment to be handed in at the end of the first week of January I used to play this game for hours on end staying up well into half of the night.
The car list in Need For Speed 2 Special Edition consisted of three classes of cars for you to choose to drive which included McLaren F1, Ferrari F50, Ford GT90, Jaguar XJ220, Lotus GT1, Lotus Espirit V8, Italdesign Cala, Isdera Commendatore 112i and a Ford Mustang Mach III concept. That’s a few items for your debate on the best ‘90s cars.

When I think of ‘90s cars the following immediately come to mind and again not stating these are my votes for my list of best 90s cars:
Mazda RX7, Honda NSX, Ferrari F355, Ferarri F50, Ford Mustangs from 1994 to the 1999 35th anniversary edition, Dodge Viper, McClaren F1, Nissan Skyline and the Lotus Elite.
Also check out my earlier post on the Porsche 911 – The 90s models

Another topic for debate on ‘90s cars could be the introduction of the Ford Mondeo to the world markets in 1993, this era wasn’t the best of times for Ford of Europe.The pressure was on where this car had to be a success and it was a revelation. The introduction of the Ford Focus in 1998 was also a revelation in Europe setting a new benchmark for cars in it’s class.

I bought a 1998 Chrysler Neon in 2006 which had a 2.0 litre engine, came with leather seats, state of the art music system and alloy wheels. I got it for a low price. The Neon has received many opinions a good car or was it a lemon?

I know this is very much a topic of debate having read the forums while I owned it, I live in the UK and is a rare site on the roads here despite being officially imported to the UK market from around 1995/96. Think the Neon was an acquired taste you loved them or hated them. In the end mine developed electrical problems with the speedometer becoming intermittent and the engine began to constantly leak oil. It died on me on around 105k miles. I have since owned a 1999 Mazda 323 which is still going strong on 176,000 miles these cars were gems but not received too well by the market for some reason.

There’s going to be more to come on this blog on the subject of ‘90s cars I’ll write a feature on a 90s car as I think about it like I said above nothing to do with personal taste or if the car was any good.

Therefore I wish to ask if you could start thinking about 90s cars and forming your viewpoints.

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Mar 18, 2011

Porsche 911 – The 90s models

The Porsche 911 is a car I’m a big fan of and so figured it would be good to include something in the 90sblog on Porsche 911s – “The 90s models”

Porsche 911 964(1989 to 1993)

The 964 was the internal codename for this generation of the Porsche 911 that ran from 1989 to 1993.

Manufactured in Stuttgart, Germany the first variant of the 964 series introduced in1989 was the Carrera 4 which was all wheel drive and the first generation of the 911 to be offered with Porsche’s Triptonic automataic transmission as an optional extra. The 964 variants which followed the introduction of the Carrera 4 were the Carrera 2, Carrera RS, Turbo & Turbo S and other Special Editions. Engines came in 3.3 and 3.6 sizes.Another first for this generation Porsche 911 was power steering & ABS braking.

Both the Carrera 4 and rear wheel drive Carrera 2 they were available in coupe, Targa and Cabriolet versions. The engine was a horizontal flat six cylinder 3.6 litre rear engine, top speed was 163 mph.

In 1992 introduced were the Carrera RS for Europe and for the US the RS America which continued into 1993 & 1994.

Porsche 911 964  - 1989 to 1993

Porsche 911 993(1993 to 1998)

The successor the 964 series in late 1993, the 993 was the first Porsche 911 to have a manual six speed gearbox.

The Carerra Coupe/ Cabriolet models as with the previous 964 came in both 2 and 4 wheel drive versions with the 2 now dropped from the Carrera name for the rear wheel drive model. Production for this model ceased at the end of 1997.

The other variants in the 1993 series were the Targa, Turbo, Turbo S, Carrrera 4S/Carrera S, Carrera RS, GT2, Speedster & Turbo Cabriolet.

The engines sizes were 3.6 and for the Carrera RS 3.8.

This was the last generation of the Porsche 911 to have an air cooled engine.

Porsche 911 993 - 1993 to 1998

Porsche 911 996(1998 to 2005)

Introduced in 1998, the most significant change was the introduction of a watercooled engine for the 911 after being in production for 34 years.
This was an all new design with new bodywork, interior and drivetrain in adition to the watercooled engine. There were no components from the previous generation carried over into this model.

The engines available were 3.4 and 3.6 sizes.

Variants included Carrera, Carrera 4/Carrera 4S, Targa, GT2/GT3, Turbo & Turbo S and other Special Editions as the 90s gave way to the new millenium. The 1996 was replaced by the 997 in 2005.

Porsche 911 996 - 1998 to 2005 first watercooled Porsche 911

My choice if I had to pick any of the cars above would be the 964 Carrera 4 from 1990 and it would have to be in black. It’s because that’s what Hank Moody drives in Californication, a TV show I like but out of the scope of discussion in this blog as this show didn’t arrive until 2007 and the 90s blog hence the name is about the 90s.

With references and for more technical information:

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