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Jul 12, 2016

When you are asked about the previous decade….

Do you think ’90s?

Even though it’s now 2016. if someone was to say “The previous decade” I never think of the noughties(2000s) I always think ’90s.

The last 20 years has definitely flown by and would you believe it’s now 20 years since The Spice Girls released Wannabe. Well I think it calls for this anniversary to be celebrated so here is this classic from 1996 –

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Jan 2, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Hello all 90’s fans,

Another year has flown by which may move us even further ahead than our beloved decade.
However, life continues and even though we are over the half way point in the second decade of the new century many of us still think of the ’90s as the previous decade.

Here is to a happy New Year to all of you that stop by this blog, I very appreciate this and wish to say Happy New Year 2016 to all of you. May this year be a great one for you all.

Best Wishes

Your Admin.

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Jan 5, 2015

FA Cup final 1996 – Liverpool FC’s Cream Suits

Watching tonight’s FA Cup 4th round fixture between AFC Wimbledon v Liverpool for which Liverpool won 2-1 thanks to two Steven Gerrard goals. I was trawling around the BBC Website for match reports even though I watched the match and already knew that there were no surprises that Steven Gerrard was awarded man of the match.

Steven Gerrard, an absolute legend of a footballer who recently announced he’s leaving Liverpool at end of 2014-15 season for pastures new said to be MLS in the US which is yet to be confirmed. Seems like yesterday when Gerrard made his debut as a youngster coming on as a substitute back in 1998.

I stumbled on the BBC website this report about the Armani cream suits the Liverpool players wore to the 1996 FA Cup fixture.

The 1996 FA cup final I remember watching in a pub in Oxford with housemates and their friends which resulted in a lot of beer being drunk that day lol. This very dire match was settled by an Eric Cantana goal in the 85th minute to give Manchester United a 1-0 victory. As a Liverpool fan that was a depressing result which went along with a depressing match and Liverpool had to wear a change strip for the fixture which was green & white which definitely didn’t help matters – yuk!

The press afterwards paid more attention to the fashion faux pax by the Liverpool players where they were nicknamed “The Spice Boys” than the actual match.

Here is the BBC report where the cream suits went down as one of the FA Cup’s 50 Greatest Moments. See it here and watch the video on the BBC website –

It’s funny now looking back but definitely not on that weekend back in the golden era of 1996:)

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Aug 8, 2013

Windows 95 wallpaper

How can you look back on computing in the ’90s without looking back on when Windows 95 was launched:)

My first PC bought in 1997 was loaded with Windows 95,  at same time I started my first job that involved the use of computers which the company were still using Windows 3.1 at that time LOL.

Here is the good old Windows 95 wallpaper –


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Aug 1, 2013

Robert Miles – Children(1996)

Robert Miles – Children(1996) – This is very much a trancetastic chill out tune that in my opinion is quintessentially 90s perfect to taking your mind away from work and the other stresses.

This reached number one in 12 countries and was the most successful song on the Dreamland album by electronic composer Robert Miles.

This is without doubt a great nightclub anthem back in the day and am sure it will sound great if played in clubs today, actually it would sound great if played in clubs today as music from the noughties onwards as headed in a downwards spiral.

Get a load of this trance classic which was well massive in 1996.

This is also a revision of a previous post that was on this blog for a long time.

This track has many wonderful memories attached to it.

2017 update: RIP Robert Miles 3 November 1969 – 9 May 2017. The world has lost a great talent.


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Jul 30, 2013

Top Songs Of The 90s

All in all the best songs of the 90s is going to be forever debatable as with best songs from any decade this will be down to individual taste.

I am not sure what my best 10 songs are from the 90s therefore am going to post according to songs that come to mind as I write this post and therefore most definitely consider the following to be Top songs of the 90s and they aren’t listed in any order of preference –

Would? – Alice in Chains(1992)

From the album Dirt released in September 1992 which featured many songs on the album on the subject of addiction this was one of them.

This song was written by guitarist Jerry Cantrell who wrote this song as tribute to Andrew Wood,  late lead singer of Mother Love Bone who died of a heroin overdose in 1990.

I for one loved this song oblivious to it’s subject which I found ut by researching more about it, this is classic ‘90s grunge and defines the 90s music scene very well.

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana(1991)

The opening track from the band’s second album Nevermind which loudly announced the presence of alternative rock into the mainstream. Nevermind was selling at a rate of 400,000 copies a week in the US by the end of 1991.
The success of Smells Like Teen Spirit was thanks to significant airplay on MTV.

You simply can’t think of 90s music and definitely not 90s rock music without including any thought of Nirvana and this track from Nevermind. This was genius work by Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl who after 1994 went onto be a legendary frontman for The Foo Fighters.

Smells Like Teen Spirit is a definitive Alternative rock anthem, stamped forever within history of popular music.

I’ve written a previous post dedicated to Smells Like Teen Spirit here on the 90s blog –

Blackhole Sun – Soundgarden(1994)

The third track from the Superunknown album from 1994 written by frontman Chris Cornell.

A very distinct tune which screams 90s with it’s surreal video and nomination for Best Rck Song at 1995 Grammy Awards.

This has become Soundgarden’s best known song and most definitely another 90s grunge classic synonymous with Seattle’s alternative rock scene from this amazing era.

Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chilli Peppers(1992)

Another early to mid 90s alternative rock classic from album Blood Sugar Sex Magik, another song that deals with feelings of lonliness, despondency and a reflection of narcotics use.

Everlong – The Foo Fighters(1997)

A wonderful tune from Dave Grohl which was included in The Color and The Shape Album from 1997, classic alternative rock and post grunge.

Alive – Pearl Jam(1991)

Another awesome alternative rock anthem synonymous with the grunge era in early 90s. This track from from the band’s debut album Ten which has became the band’s most commercially successful album.

I have seen footage of this performed live and simply an awesome stadium rock tune.

Stay Together – Suede(1994)

Came unto what was termed Britpop an Alternative Rock subgenre that reached it’s height in the UK in mid 90s and also very much a British reaction to the US grunge dominance in the early to mid 90s era.

The track was unique as it was a non album single by the band.
I remember the first time I heard this, I pulled over to park my car but this came on the radio and I ended up sat there marvelling at this tune. I only then got out of the car when this song ended. A beautiful experience without doubt. Strangely though leadsinger Brett Anderson didn’t like this song at the time.

Sour Times – Portishead (1995)

A beautiful song from the band’s Dummy album it was first released in 1994 but wasn’t a success initially but after the success of Glory Box in 1995 from the same album the song was re-released. The success of Dummy led to the band winning the Best British Newcomer award at The Brits in 1995.

An amazing sound beautifully sung by lead singer Beth Gibbons, it also features in a movie I’m fond of in the form of Assassins(1995).

Wonderwall – Oasis(1995)

Now this is a serious 90s anthem if this wasn’t the 90s rock anthem from the mega(if a big enough word to describe) successful album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

This was the 2nd and best album by Oasis. When Oasis played Knebworth in August 1996 in front of a crowd of 250,000 this was the height of the “Britpop” phenomenon.

Wonderwall was just simply a masterpiece from the Gallagher brothers and only one classic of many from (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

November Rain – Guns N’ Roses(1992)

From Use Your Illusion 1 album a power rock ballad with orchestral backing, a beautiful song that’s approximately 9 minutes long with shortened versions having been played on some radio stations.

The above isn’t an exhaustive list that tightly defines my viewpoint on the best of the 90s songs.

There were many amazing songs of many genres in the 90s and there are those who may feel the above has too much rock bias but hey that’s just me.

I will post more lists of 10 x 90s songs as I think of them and viewpoints on this subject most welcome as this site is about appreciating things ‘90s.

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Aug 8, 2012

Cars of the 90s

There is going to be debate as to which are the best cars of the 90s?
I am not going to answer the question in the post as this will always be a matter of opinion based on tastes in cars whether it be Japanese cars, German and other European cars or American cars.

The topic of best 90s cars is also debatable according to vehicle types if you are thinking about Supercars, Sports Cars, Coupes, Saloon cars or SUVs. Another factor in forming an opinion on the best cars of the 90s depends on where you live in the world as there will always be people who will have a bias to which cars they will buy if the cars are of their own nationality, this makes me think of the poorly made British cars of the 70s that people in the UK bought because they were homemade – LOL!

I for one am not going to write about what I think were the best cars of the 90s but what I will do is write about any car that was around in the 90s as it comes to mind, if I feel like writing about it then I will regardless if it was a great car or a monstrosity and/or a complete lemon.

Thinking about cars of the ‘90s it casts my mind back to 1997 when I first acquired a PC a Pentium 1 166 MMX(lol!) and wanted a game or two to play on it. In the latter part of ’97 I came across a cool game which I had to have which was Need For Speed 2 Special Edition by Electronic Arts. This game was awesome I can never forget the Christmas of ’97 between terms of my first year at University no coursework to do but only one assignment to be handed in at the end of the first week of January I used to play this game for hours on end staying up well into half of the night.
The car list in Need For Speed 2 Special Edition consisted of three classes of cars for you to choose to drive which included McLaren F1, Ferrari F50, Ford GT90, Jaguar XJ220, Lotus GT1, Lotus Espirit V8, Italdesign Cala, Isdera Commendatore 112i and a Ford Mustang Mach III concept. That’s a few items for your debate on the best ‘90s cars.

When I think of ‘90s cars the following immediately come to mind and again not stating these are my votes for my list of best 90s cars:
Mazda RX7, Honda NSX, Ferrari F355, Ferarri F50, Ford Mustangs from 1994 to the 1999 35th anniversary edition, Dodge Viper, McClaren F1, Nissan Skyline and the Lotus Elite.
Also check out my earlier post on the Porsche 911 – The 90s models

Another topic for debate on ‘90s cars could be the introduction of the Ford Mondeo to the world markets in 1993, this era wasn’t the best of times for Ford of Europe.The pressure was on where this car had to be a success and it was a revelation. The introduction of the Ford Focus in 1998 was also a revelation in Europe setting a new benchmark for cars in it’s class.

I bought a 1998 Chrysler Neon in 2006 which had a 2.0 litre engine, came with leather seats, state of the art music system and alloy wheels. I got it for a low price. The Neon has received many opinions a good car or was it a lemon?

I know this is very much a topic of debate having read the forums while I owned it, I live in the UK and is a rare site on the roads here despite being officially imported to the UK market from around 1995/96. Think the Neon was an acquired taste you loved them or hated them. In the end mine developed electrical problems with the speedometer becoming intermittent and the engine began to constantly leak oil. It died on me on around 105k miles. I have since owned a 1999 Mazda 323 which is still going strong on 176,000 miles these cars were gems but not received too well by the market for some reason.

There’s going to be more to come on this blog on the subject of ‘90s cars I’ll write a feature on a 90s car as I think about it like I said above nothing to do with personal taste or if the car was any good.

Therefore I wish to ask if you could start thinking about 90s cars and forming your viewpoints.

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Jul 19, 2012

The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls – Didn’t you just love them?

These girls were a phenomenon. Do you remember where you were and what you were doing the first time you heard Wannabe in 1996? A great era and great times!

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Mar 20, 2011

90s Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt

I thought I’d share with the world that in 2011 I do still have a few items of clothing which I acquired back in the mid ’90s heyday such as this so very much ’90s Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt which I bought in 1996.

In the mid ’90s I was well into the designer label clothing and had items from Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Armani & Dolce & Gabbana. On arriving in Vancouver, Canada in the Summer of 1996 I quickly became aware of the popularity of Tommy Hilfiger across North America at that time and not having seen this label in the UK I bought the following T-shirt in September ’96 from a large Eaton’s department store in Vancouver, unfortunately I heard this chain went bankrupt in 1999.
At the time I thought I would impress my friends back in the UK by introducing them to the Tommy Hilfiger label, unfortunately when I got back to the UK in October 1996 it was getting cold so this t- shirt didn’t get viewed by anyone until the Spring of 1997 which by that time Tommy Hilfiger became more prominent in the UK.

Here’s a picture of my 1996 Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt taken at home in 2011:

 Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt 1996

Looks pretty good for a 15 year old t-shirt and as Chandler Bing may say “Could this t-shirt be anymore 90s?”:)

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Mar 18, 2011

Beavis & Butthead

It was only a matter of time before I posted on these guys, there was no way the90sblog was ever going to go without an inclusion of these two. This in my opinion was The Cartoon of The ’90s

Beavis and Butthead

I was a massive fan, one that had the required acquired taste which meant people either loved or hated them. There was no in between and my feet as friends would testify would be firmly planted in the love them camp. There may have been a danger of one point of my life revolving around these two. The series ran from 1993 to 1998.

In my opinion how can you look back on the ’90s without Beavis & Butthead entering your thoughts?

Beavis & Butthead started for me when I visited California in January 1994. I kept seeing them appear on TV when I was in bars or flicking around channels whenever I found myself in front of a TV but I never paid any attention to them until I went to a Superbowl party enthusiastically indulging in a very American occasion in a very British way of drinking lots of beer so I was already feeling a little merry by the half time.

Not sure what I remember between The Dallas Cowboys v The Buffalo Bills on January 30th 1994 other than The Cowboys winning but I remember well my very first episode of Beavis & Butthead.

At half time someone had switched the channel on the TV and there was all these well educated people going crazy for a cartoon so I thought this must be good so I’ll watch too, little did I know after my introduction to Beavis & Butthead I would never be the same again. For the remainder of my time in California I knew I was hooked and wanted to see more episodes of the legendary twosome. When I got back to the UK I wondered on how I can get to watch more episodes of Beavis & Butthead without ready access to MTV and my wish was granted in April of 1994 when Chanel 4 decided to screen them late every Friday night. I remember rushing home from my bar job at the time every Friday evening to get to see them.

Also in addition to telling friends on my return to the UK of the wonderful places I visted and things I did in California I also had to mention the discovery of Beavis & Butthead.

I have since found out my first episode of Beavis & Butthead was called Citizen Butthead. On President Clinton’s planned visit to their school Principal McVicker dreads the prospect of Beavis & Butthead meeting the president so from an emergency meeting in the morning he decides to give them a pass to take the day off school as it would be a disaster if these two got anywhere near The President as only the handpicked elite students would be allowed to meet The President…..but it doesn’t work out that way as Beavis & Butthead decide to walk around the school to boast to the other students about their day of freedom The Principal has given them.

Beavis & Butthead episodes are nowadays available on DVD at places such as Amazon where you can order special editions and other official episode compilations at discount prices with first class customer service and fast delivery.

It was sad in 1998 when the creator Mike Judge decided to kill them off but for me the Cornhlio impressions continued well into the noughties and I paid little attention to South Park when that became the cult cartoon at the very end of the ’90s.

In addition to the episodes that aired from 1993 to 1997, in 1996 a full feature length movie was made called “Beavis & Butthead Do America”.

As I write this in 2011 it is said that by the Summer there will be new episodes of Beavis & Butthead being shown. I hope this is true.

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